About James

Meet James  

He's a warm summer night with a tall glass of sweet tea and some peach cobbler on the side - he's warm, he's sweet, he's southern; moreover he's Faulkner in disguise. The perfect artist. 

James loves to create and add a touch of elegance to all of his pieces. He's truly anything like none other. His sessions are full or fun, laughter, and elegance. He's a professional with a dash of Gatsby. 

It's honestly a treat.

James loves to create and paints as a hobby. He's able to see the details that can make the difference in a portrait. His keen eye for tones and details makes him the ideal artist for portraits. He likes flair, but he also enjoys some lifestyle in his photography, which makes for the best combination.

On any other day, you can find James in a bistro on Line Ave. with his hubby Justin indulging on an entrée with their little dogs: Bella and Benson. 

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