Meet Roberta

Hi y'all!

My name is Roberta, and I am over the moon to be part of J Michael Photography Co. and to be working under this fabulous brand.

I am a gal with many hats. Along with being the marketing director, I am also the blogger and wedding photographer for J Michael Photography Co. Even as I type this, my fingers are dancing on the keyboard from pure joy. 

I met James over a year ago, and I quickly became obsessed with him and Justin - his husband. It was a July 4th when this Southern-raised, Latina gal showed up with shots of tequila at his front door. It was honestly like I had just found my long lost friend; the kind that no matter how far you are apart, you never miss a beat. 

James and I love working together so much that we decided to venture into business together, or as James would say - I self appointed myself. It was seriously a no-brainer to me because behind the scenes we were always discussing our businesses and our photography down to the very last detail.  

It was definitely not a hard decision for me to make. Yes, I'd be leaving my business and my brand behind, but I was so ready to rebrand that it just seemed to be the best decision. Working with James is pure pleasure, and I love how well we feed off each other's energy, thoughts, and art. 

When you love someone, you want to help and see them succeed, which is the best part of this new business venture. 

Stay tuned for all the magic.


J Michael Photography Co.