A NICU Journey : LeMoine

Dear Loves,

Back in June 2015, I had the pleasure of shooting Chase and Laci’s wedding. It was a beautiful wedding on the water at Laci’s parents’ home. These two had so much love and chemistry it was absolutely undeniable, and I had the pleasure to capture it for them.

In 2019, they welcomed their dear baby boy, Kable Lawson LeMoine; however, it was quite early and quite unexpected.

I once again had the pleasure to be welcomed into their lives and document their new miracle.

When I met them at the hospital, I soon was reminded of the unique bond that Chase and Laci shared - the same one I witnessed on that June day. Though, there was something different about it: it was a wiser and more powerful bond. I must say, I was extremely humbled by the atmosphere these two exuded.

There, together, they sat and worked in symphony- an unbreakable team. I was in awe and reminded that God is love and He never seizes to amaze me.

Chase and Laci, y’all are true rocks and I will forever remember capturing these sweet memories for you.

Sending all my love and prayers to the LeMoines.