Meet James


 Since I was a child I have been drawn to the creativity of the human mind: Architecture, Fashion, Photography, Music, Dance and all the many facets of what one can dream, express and make a reality. To me, art is the lovechild of a little bit of inspiration and whole lot of trusting yourself.


I strive to bring a creative mind to every project. A photograph is one moment in time that should be celebrated and remembered. Let's make something beautiful together. 

-James Michael-

Head Photographer






Meet Roberta


Hi! My name is Roberta, and I have passion for photography and books.

Not only is photography my hobby, but I have studied it. 

At a young age, I found myself indulging in it – always trying to capture the moment. Throughout the years, I have held the art of photography close to my heart because to me a photograph is more than just an image; It's a canvas covered in pixel-painted strokes that are formed from a thousand words captured in a still moment: a beautiful everlasting memory. 


Marketing Director
Wedding and Portrait Photographer